Thursday, 29 April 2010

Local man attacked by bats and then mauled by cat.

I started work on my vampire count bat swarms this week. I wanted to keep using GW figures but don't like the pose of head up - tail down. I have therefore tried to model them as if attacking empire figures.

 This figure has the body of an empire swordsman and the arms and head from the artillery crew. I have then pined all of the bats off his body.

This chap is out of the empire giant set and once again the bats are pined straight off of his torso. I added a pin to his foot so that he could stand without fear of breaking, however.......

After spraying, mu cat took objection to the figure and decided to separate the running man from his foot. I guess I will need to pin his ankle and keep away from the cat...

My local club has its annual show this weekend, so I am spending a fair amount of time running around preparing for this. Less time to paint.

1 comment:

  1. Your bat swarms look great, I love the concept and you did you good job on the execution of it as well. Good work!



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