Thursday, 8 April 2010

Easter shopping: Day 2

I had an opportunity to pick up used Tau army from a club member at a knock down price, so I went for it.

The army has the following figures;
  • Etheral
  • Crisis Commander
  • 6 XV15 Stealth Suits (old style metal ones)
  • 4 Crisis Suits with various weapon fits
  • 24 Fire Warriors
  • 20 Kroot
  • Krootox
  • 6 Kroot Hounds
  • Shaper with pulse carbine
  • 18 Gun Drones
  • 3 shield drones
  • Forge World Transfer sheet (white)
  • Forge World vehicle upgrade pack
  • Forge World Tau Tank Commander
  • Still-boxed Hammerhead tank
  • 3 still-boxed Piranha skimmers
  • Aun'shi, Etheral special character from previous codex
  • The metal parts for Commander Farsight (but no crisis suit to go with them).
This will have to be a project that will sit on the shelf until after I have finished painting the current Warhammer Fantasy army projects. I need to consider an appropriate colour scheme, but I am definitely considering having a go at putting lights inside the figures.

My knowledge of current 40k is almost no existent, so this could be fun...

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