Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Of trays and ghouls

After a weeks break from painting I am back refreshed and ready for action... To mark this precious state I have elected to tackle a few more ghouls. I am trying to reproduce the original paint scheme but I didn't take any notes, so I'll have to have a few goes at obvious colour combination's until I can work out what I used. I am modeling about half of the figures in paints as shown above. The idea is that this will make ranking easier.
 I love these figures because they look so very manic. The only problem areas are around the shoulder blades and on the hips, where I have had to apply so greenstuff. The only other problem is the figure with the skeleton on his back. If I am going to model and paint 80 of these guys, then I will end up with 8 of him. The problem is he is so very different and 8 will stand out too much. I have therefore decided to convert half of these. The chap above has received a simple conversion with his hair replacing the skeleton.

I have also had to knock up a couple of bases. the ones above are for the chaos Marauder horsemen. I put magnetic fridge magnet material on the base of the figures and metallic paper on the movement tray. This mean that the bases sit too high in comparison with the tray. The solution is as shown above. I use cardboard off a breakfast cereal t raise the edge. I then slap on loads of PVA to create a nice smooth front edge to the whole thing. When this is dry I apply PVA & grit in the conventional way. Easy...

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