Thursday, 4 February 2010

Week 5: Chaos Marauder Horsemen

This last week has stretched my ability to speedpaint. You may not consider 5 figures in a week speed painting but for me painting 5 cavalry figures it is. I've previously spent three weeks painting a single infantry figure, so this just feels wrong. I have managed 5 horsemen, but I found it hard work.
The guys carry the slaanesh mark and so I have tried to give them a more luxurious and self indulgence combination of colours. I choose to go for a lilac and beige combination. I also cannot see slaanesh warriors wearing a standard uniform, so I have tried to add some variety in the patterns.
In their final form each unit will be six strng and will include a musician. However they only come 5 to a box, so here are 5. To maintain their light cavalry status I cannot use the shields. This leaves a problem of what to do with the shield arm. Really I could not think of anything other than to put things in them. Not sure how well it was worked, but never mind. They are what they are.

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