Monday, 29 March 2010

Chaos Marauder Horsemen; WIP

A weekends work and the Marauder Horsemen have moved forward a little.

I love the models of the horses; they just have so much life about them. They only required a little green stuff between the legs and along the backs, so all in all not a lot of work at all.

The marauder horsemen themselves are a different matter. I found the anatomy a little too comic book for my liking. Also the model does not have a good pose for the normal way you would want the model to act. If you give a marauder both light armour and a shield then he looses his fast cavalry abilities. The light armour is modelled on, so the only option is not to attach the shields. However the left arm looks daft if you don't attach a shield. I have opted to add throwing spears to the left arms, but there are insufficient in the set so I have had to borrow spears from skeletons and empire figures. Not working too bag despite this. I have chosen to use some heads from the flagellant set. I believe that they work quite well. Still a lot of work required with these figures.

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