Saturday, 6 March 2010

Week 9: Let the puppies run free

Nine weeks have come and gone now, and I'm well on the way to completing all of the Chaos warhounds that I will need for my lists. In the list I have 17 warhounds. This week I have painted another 5 which takes my total to 15 (close but no coconut).
I have opted to omit the horns and greenstuff over the gap. I believe that this keeps the chaps looking more like hounds and less like boars.

I have tried to increase the contrast on both the fur and in the hair over the previous hounds that I have painted. I will leave it to you to decide if it makes any kind of difference.

The colours are Scorched Brown through Bestial Brown to Vomit Brown. The fur is similar but continues to Bleached bone. I have chosen to paint the fur rather than drybrush because I believed it gave me greater control.
Hope you enjoy the puppies and if anyone can spare them a bone....

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