Friday, 12 March 2010

Week 10: Dog gone

The end of week 10 sees the end of the assembly and painting of the Chaos warhounds (at last). The army list I'm working too only requires 17 warhounds, but they come in boxes of 10 so it seemed daft not to paint all 20. The thought of three poor lonely unassembled puppies was too much for me to bear.
After listening to comments and advice I have elected to give the dog a bone, and an arm to one lucky pup. It adds to the character and helps to distinguish between figures. I have tried to vary the position of the figures in the base to make them appear less uniform.

I am going to claim the extra three figures in my painting points total. After 10 weeks I should have achieved 160 points. These warhounds count as 20 points but that only takes my total to 152. Erm, 8 points behind. Not sure how I'm going to catch that up. I'll have a go at completing the starting number of skeletons next week.

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