Thursday, 23 February 2012

Final batch of Nordland Halberds

For the last few weeks I have been putting together two units of 30 Halberds. At long last the last of these boys is complete. I have been using a combination of Artizan Landsknecht and mid ninties citadel miniatures.

When I get five minutes I will take a few pictures of the figures on their movement trays, however in the meantime you will just have to make do with the miniatures in isolation.

My entire empire army is painted in Norland colours and these are no exception. Three of these boys are from Artizan, whilst the Musician is an old citadel figure. the left hand halberd comes from Foundary whilst the other two used the Artizan figures come from the assault group.

  The last three in the collection are all from Artizan.

In the normal style, here are the same figures, but from the back.....


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