Saturday, 12 February 2011

Pegasus Hobbies River sets

Pegasus Hobbies make some good quality, very low cost scenery items and when it comes to buying robust scenery for a club, they are a must have. The only problem is that they are sometime hard to get in Britain.

When I completed the statistical analysis of what scenery you were likely to roll in an 8th Edition Warhammer game, it showed that you have a 59% chance of needing a river. Playing since the edition was released has confirmed we needed to buy more river...

So we set about getting two river sets. One set is just a little too short to covers a gaming tables needs.

When I say getting the river sets is the only problem, that is not quite true, the other one is that they are a little too brightly painted for my liking.

So I set about toning them down a little..

First Job, add some sand:

This photo shows two sets drying in my back yard. As you can see here, you get two 45 degree bends, two 12" straight lengths and two 6" length in each set.

The next job is just to paint in the normal way, flock and add a bit of water effect...



  1. They look ok.
    If they are hard to get in the UK...why don´t you get some silicon...the stuff that comes in tubes from a builders yard and make molds of the diferent sections and make plaster casts...there is only three of them and and they aren´t complicated forms. Then you would have endless river sections :-D

  2. Good idea, I assume that because it is just for my clubs use that it will not put me in trouble with copyright etc.



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