Sunday, 20 February 2011

Skorne: Bronzeback assembled

It has been a week of work leaving does and other excuses for pub crawls, so not a lot achieved this week. I have decided to add a bit more muscle to my growing Skorne horde. What better way than to throw in a Bronze-back....

I completed a bit of a figure swap for a cyclops I don't think I will ever use and have gained the bronze-back model in an assembled and undercoated state. The first thing to notice was just how poorly this model fits together. Especially the link between the legs and the arms, where I am convinced that there is more of metal not touching than touching across the joint.

I snapped the model apart. In reality I threw it on the floor and set about rejoining it together using a significant number of pins, and then when set, using a significant amount of green-stuff.

The first stage was to push enough green-stuff into the base to give me a platform to work off. Once this was dry/set I could add more to model the muscle structure.
Now I look at the pictures I can see that he is leaning over a lot! I may paint him up and see how he looks then, if necessary I will have to stand him up a bit.

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