Saturday, 26 February 2011

Hordes - Skorne Bronzeback in green and Gold.

It took a little while but the Bronze-back is now finished. This little six legged elephant dude adds a stupid amount of muscle to my already  heavy Skorne force.

There is a lot of metal in this figure, which makes it a fist full to hold, and awkward to move around whilst painting. However, having said that he is quire satisfying to paint because he has such large areas, which you can do quite a bit to...
I was a little worried when I assembled him that he was leaning far to far over. I had the thought that I might need to remove hi from his base and stand him up a bit, but after spending a few hours painting him I grew to quite like the pose. It kind of grew on me and I believe now that it makes him look a little more dynamic.

The scale type armour around his rear end is very easy to paint and adds so very much to this model. It gives the lad a more flowing look and hides an awkward modeling area. I think it is a great idea and adds loads to the model. 

I elected to paint all the metal's in a non-metallic (ish) look when I started this force. I have used it on all the models painted to date. Looking back I m very happy that I did. It does not look a lot like metal, but I like the effect, especially on-masse...

I have added the final, elevated picture to illustrate the bronzing of the bronze-back. This was the last colour that I added to the model and it is the one that I am least happy with. I coped the patch pattern from the Skorne book, where it painted onto a grey bronze-back with very good effect. Here it has not worked quite as well. As normal, I intend t let it sit on my shelf for a month or so and if I still don't like it then I will do something with it.  However don't get me wrong, I am very pleased with the overall look of the figure and had a lot of fun painting him.


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  1. He looks very should be well pleased with the result. A very dynamic looking sculpt and well painted



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