Saturday, 25 September 2010

WFB 8 scenery: a Geeks guide

What follows is an exploration in the "Average" scenery that would be required on a Warhammer fantasy table. I found the results surprising so I have written about them....

I hope that this is of interest and of use to you...

My wargame club hosts a wargame tournament once a year in Exeter. At the tournament we normally host 24 players for each of the WFB and WH 40k games systems and this year we will include a 32 man Warmachine / Hordes tournament.

With the advent of the 8th edition of warhammer we have revisited our scenery and set about making new as required. So we had a chat last meeting about the progress that we have made and what we need to do next. So a Saturday morning comes and it is time to test my knowledge of statistics and work out just what we should be making.

I know that we need 12 tables decorated up for WFB, so I set about thinking what would be generated if we just left it to the rules in the book. The book requires D6+4 items of terrain. This means that we would need an average of 71/2 items of terrain per table. The terrain is generated by rolling 2D6 and looking up a table.

Therefore it is possible to calculate what number of each type of scenery would be generated on an average day...

The results of my maths are shown in the following table; The table lists the percentage chances of at least one item of this scenery appearing on each table and therefore the number I would expect to appear on 12 tables..

which gives the following distribution of scenery; what do you think? Is this what you expected?

This is a lot of scenery to make, and is a lot different to our normal set up of two hills, one wood and a building...

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