Tuesday, 21 September 2010

SOTR: Time to up the arms race

The Secrets of the third Reich rules allow you to add armour to your force. I have looked in the appendix of the rule book (which contains the stats for armour) and it appears that you gat a lot of bang for your bucks. 

On the basis that it appeared rude not to take advantage of the ability to field armour, I set about researching what tanks I would like. The stats appear to indicate that the best soviet tank that I could choose (for the points that is) is the T34/85. To match the scale of the figures I needed a 1/48 scale model. A quick search on the web showed I could buy them for around £10.00 GBP each, and before I knew it I had ordered two.... Guess that is what happens when work allows you access to the internet in your lunch hour.

I brought Hobby Boss models, and when they arrived I was very pleasantly suprised. The kits have an enormous amount of components and allow you to model to a level of detail that typical wargame manufacturers would never give you.

The models have assembled relatively easily, once I decided not to bother with any of the inside fittings of the tanks, however the tracks are far too complicated given the type of use and the cost of the kit.

It took me just under two days to assemble and greenstuff. Now to have a go at painting a green tank....

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