Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Secrets of the Third Reich: Soviet HMG

Soviet Heavy machine gun completed and based...

I opted to construct and mount the entire set before painting. In hindsight (which as we know, is the only sensible way to look at anything) it might have been a better idea to paint each chap individually and then assemble. Getting to all parts was tricky at times.

I have tried to repeat the ameba pattern on the rear of the cloaks. I'm not entirely happy with the final look on these. Now I've seen the photo above, I'm even less happy. Time to get the brushes back out and have another go.

I'm quite happy with how the gun guard came out. I also added a 40 gun case (with emblem removed) and that fits quite well. I used Silfa grass on the base (I have a large stock of it) and that appears to fit with the general look.

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