Thursday, 19 July 2012

(Otherworld) zombies return!

Zombies, what is not to love; and recently I managed to lay my hands on some pretty cute ones. These are zombies from the otherworld miniatures collection. They produce figures for the role-player mainly and some of the best skeletons out there. The zombies I could not resist.

 These first three are nicely conventional human zombies. I have retained my standard zombie colour collection of brown, green and dirty white. I have used this colour combination on all my zombies because this helps create a unified feel to the unit. I like the contorted faces, but I especially like the trousers of the guy on the right which are at half mast.

and again from the back... 

 This second three are from their demi-human collection. From left to right they represent elf, dwarf and halfling zombies. Pretty cool yes! fun to paint, once I worked out what each part of the mold represented. I found the dwarf zombie most difficult to work out.

Hope you enjoy!

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