Sunday, 1 July 2012

A little bretonnian zombie gathering

I have a little zombie collection for my Vampire Counts army, but I thought that they could do with a little addition from the Bretonnian army...

I took some Bretonnian peasant bowmen and added some basic zombie bits. The conversion was very very simple, but keeps the same zombie look as the remainder of my zombie horde.
To help them all appear as a single horde I have kept with the same three basic colours as the other zombies. These are green, brown and cream. I hope they look OK.


  1. Nice! I am working on some raised Bretonni tribesman for VC right now ( - it looks like the skeletal/zombie arms fit in well with the Men-at-Arms. Will the entire unit be Bretonnian, or just a few of the zombies?

  2. Thanks Ian; I hadn't thought about a whole unit, but that could look pretty cool. Thanks for the idea.



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