Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ghoul King leaping. What is not to love?.

I have spent the last few weeks playing with a Terrorgheist model.  I played with his wings and gave him a new base. The Terrorgheist box set also includes two rider options. Not wanting to put them onto the Terrorgheist I now have the option of adding them to their own bases. The first of these that I have played with is the Ghoul King.
The model has a natural running or leaping pose and I wanted to accentuate this. The slight problem was that he will not fit on a 20mm base and still rank up, the back (right) leg just gets in the way of figures behind him. This can be overcome of I could move his left leg to the very front of the base. I solved both of these problems by adding a gravestone to the base. This not only gives a point to fix to off the front of the base but gives a reason to leap and helps raise him up a little to make him look a little more impressive.

The gravestone is taken from the Renedra gravestone kit. I think it looks great and works perfectly on this situation.

I kept with the same colour scheme that I have used with all of my ghoul figures. However I was very keen to made the figure look life-like so I have added multiple washes of red and purple to his cheeks, ears, elbows and knees to show up these more vulnerable areas.

Hope you enjoy..

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  1. Awesome!
    Always loved the Strigoi vampires.



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