Monday, 5 March 2012

Empire captain on pegasus; build and progress..


The empire army works well with a captain on a Pegasus (or so I've heard), which means I was presented with the challenge of putting one together. The only Pegasus model available within the empire army figure collection is that of Balthasar Gelt.To a Nordland army the thought of starting with that figure is just unpalatable. Therefore I took the approach of building from a Bretonnian Hero on Pegasus. 

The challenge is to make him look less Bretonnian and more Empire..

I started by removing the badges from the skirt. This made a bit of a mess, so I smoothed this back using GWs liquid green. It took took watered down coats.

I also replaced the Bretonnian shields with Flagellant bells and a comet symbols. The shield hanging below was replaced with a hammer of sigmar.

I then tried to work on the front end of the horse.

The horses head is from the empire General kit. I had to file down the lowest barding strip to make it fit, but otherwise nice and easy.
The captain is an empire knight figure with arms taken from the Empire General kit. The lance was chosen because it has a Garland on it which I could say represented a crown of command. The Head was chosen because it has a Dragon on it for the Dragonhelm.

Next time, I throw some paint at the figure...


  1. This pegasus action figure is so cool. I love it! It reminds me of those in a fairy tale where the princess used to ride in a pegasus and fly n the sky.



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