Monday, 19 March 2012

Avatars of War: War priest

No Empire Army is ever complete if it does not include a warrior priest or Arch Lector. I was never that excited by GWs range of priests, so I decided to give Avatars of war "war priest" a go.
The Spanish company appear to produce a number of nice figures. So I went online and ordered this chap. I ended up putting him on a bit of an angle when I added a piece of cord to represent slate under his feet. This makes him lean back a bit which does not help the look of the figure. 
When I assembled th chap I though that magic weapons could be combined with normal swords to give me an additional 6+ ward save. This is not true, but explains why I went down the route of taking an arm out of my bits box to replace the warhammer that comes with the kit. 

I found that the details were not as crisp as I expected them and I had to complete quite a bit of work on the head to clean him up and to remove mold lines. Having said that, the model does include some very nice details like a wonderful religious book (not shown on the photos clearly) and also a nice shield.

I painted him brown, mainly to make it easier to identify him amongst the remainder of my blue and cream Nordland army.

I hope you enjoy....

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