Thursday, 15 March 2012

Captain on a pegasus: a vision in blue and cream..

The intention is to make a Empire captain on a Pegasus starting from a Bretonnian Hero kit. The difficult bit would be to make it a lot less Bretonnian and a whole lot more Empire. To this end I added quite a few empire bits.
My Empire army is based on a Nordland army so I have a blued and cream colour scheme. I decided to make a point of this by adopting a checker pattern to draw attention to the bright colours.
I spent a long time thinking about what colour to paint the Pegasus, and eventually decided to go with quite a naturalistic style to match the horses within my Empire force. This has the benefit that it focuses attention onto the rider and barding, but it does distract slightly from the wing details..

Hopefully you will enjoy the way it finished...

The hero on board is a basic knight figure who is given a fancy hat because the character build I opted for included a Dragon-helm. If you have any advice of comments please post below...

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