Saturday, 7 April 2012

Demigryph on the workbench

 Today marks the release of a new Empire Army book together  with some fancy new figures. After trawling through the last edition of white dwarf I could not resist treating myself to a box of Demigryph knights. These are a kind of Hypogryph, just without wings. Very sweat.

I added small magnets into the saddle to give me the option of changing riders over should I find it better to have all troops or more command or just to change weapons. Apart from this they are straight out the box.
The model assembled easily with no real issues. It needed very little in the way of greenstuff apart from the normal areas over the seam. The only area of concern I had with the model were the feet. The feet are cast as separate elements, presumably to ensure they can maintain details parallel with the mold edge. I elected not to attach to the base at this stage because I wanted to keep painting easy,  but I found it tricky to make sure the feet were glued on at the right angle. Maybe if I had glued them all on at the same time that would have made life easier. As a result I have needed to add a little greenstuff in these areas.
The problem with painting the bases separately is that you need care with flocking the bases, so I marked out where the feet go on each base.. 

...I then added some cork and stone to break up the flat areas..

..and add some flock.
Then all I need is some riders. The only problem I experienced with these was lining up the legs correctly and adding the standard to the flag pole. This had a small area for gluing, so I decided to pin. This was not too successful and in my rush I appear to have added a slight kink. I will try and straighten out.

Hopefully it will stay dry enough for me to undercoat.
 More soon.

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