Saturday, 14 April 2012

Demigryphs: STILL on the painting table, mounts complete

Today marks a week since the Demigryphs were released and my attempt at painting them has stalled a little. I have (at last) completed the mounts, and I'm loving the cheeky look on their faces...

I have elected to keep with my Nordland colour scheme, so have painted the barding in a blue and cream combination. I am liking how they look, but they do remindme a little of some pottery my mother used to display in her display cabinet years ago.

 Having painted the barding,the animals fur and feathers looked a little dark so I had to lighten the colour with more Kommando Kharki and Bleached bone.

I am quite pleased with the finished look, but next time I will fix the feet to the base at the same time as I glue to the legs. The reason for this is that the alignment of some of the feet means that other legs don't quite touch the ground.

I hope you enjoy, now to return to the riders....


  1. Good work so far. Great colour choice btw, looking forward to seeing them finished up!

  2. Really amazing job on the DemiGryph so far.
    Cannot wait to see it all completed!



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