Monday, 20 June 2011

Skaven warp lightning cannons on the workbench

My Skaven force is toy heavy..

I guess that that reflects my approach to playing Skaven. It might not follow the current meta game, or perceived wisdom on how to win, but it does make the game great fun. It is not unusual for me to kill more of my rats own than my opponent..

So this is reflected in my approach to the warp lighting cannons. Two is the maximum I am allowed, so I start with two!

There are times when you just dive into a model project and then only hit the blog-sphere when you hit problems, This is one such project.

If I had taken the time to look around the blogs, I would have known that painting the warp cannon first before assembling is the only sensible way to go. As it was, I discovered, like dozens before me that if you assemble first, you need a gynaecologists skills to paint the details on the insides of the frames....

Never mind, lesson learnt...

I built in a very conventional way. Although the very upright construction may help me spot every enemy, it just does not look right. The Engineer in me screams out that it will just topple over after the first shot.

The crew are just there as wound markers now, so I will fix one crew member to each of the machines. The remaining four I can fix to bases. If the chariot base was a little bigger I would consider a nice little diorama, but no options are available with such a large footprint on the cannon..

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