Thursday, 9 June 2011

Skaven Doomwheel on the workbench

I painted so much so fast in May that I needed some time away from the brush and daylight bulbs. It has been a couple of weeks since my last post and I guess it is now time to climb back on the wagon. But whilst I am doing so......

I recently put together a Skaven doomwheel as part of my Skaven army for the Legionary show. I had such fun, I thought I would share the experience.

I chose to only part assemble the model before painting so that I could get the brush to all those hard to reach places.

These were then base coated black and the wood painted with scorched brown followed by a dry brush of bestial brown and vomit brown. I then carefully painted the raised areas of the timbers near the edges with fortress grey.

I chose to then wash each plank with a different wash, including red and purple, to create some variety. The grey was then re-applied. 

I managed to drop the center piece whilst painting this, which broke off a length of the cable. This I had to replace with a length of guitar wire. See if you can spot where it is..

A little later and the centre is painted..

I put some work into the centre bit and the crazy skaven pilot of the doomwheel. The eye looks a bit strange when viewed in this shot, but since you will never see him from this angle when the outer wheels are added. The guys fabric colour matched the remainder of the arm, but I just knew he had to have a leather hat and gauntlets. It just felt right.

 There is a lot of bronze in this section, but it does not get over powering too much.

Next up I assemble him..

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