Friday, 7 May 2010

WIP: Blood knight change of plan.

A couple of weeks ago I started a trial blood knight, but I wasn't quite sure with how he looked so I set him on the shelf with the intention of looking again to see how I felt.
 True to my word I have returned and I still was not quite happy. So I've played around with him...

I cut off half his head and gave him a helmet off a grave guard figure. This was mainly to increase his height to compensate for the size of the horse. I have also changed the torso over for that of a grave-guard. I know that he is all skeleton under that armour, but I don't believe that you can tell. I have also used the shoulder pads off the graveguard to hide problem areas between the dark elf arms and the torso.
I have added a short skirt around the waste to hide problem areas here. Once again I am going to leave him a week or so to see if I am happy with him, but I feel much better already.

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