Sunday, 23 May 2010

Week 19: Zombie mini-horde

Whilst I appreciate that zombies are supposed to travel around in massive packs, everyone has to start somewhere. I have started by own zombie horde with a modest collection of 10 zombies. Even the most generous person would be stretching a point to call 10 a horde, but these are the first ever zombies I have painted so please give me a little latitude.

These guys are a mixture of empire militia and zombie models. I opted to go for grey as a skin colour because I thought that this would give me the most contrast and in my own head I thought it would look the least like they were still alive. I wanted a fairly uniform look to the clothing and so decided to try and limit this to three colours only; cream, green and a muddy brown. I hoped that this might unite the figures even though I am going to try for lots of different figure shapes to make them look less like a ranked unit and more like a rough mass of bodies.

The problem is that looking back at the figures they look a little too happy and cheerful. I think it is the cream colour that does this. In hindsight a dark blue or red would have done better. Oh well, you live and learn (or not if you are zombies).

As is normal I have combined figures onto bases to make setting up easier. I couldn't decide what to do with the eyes. I wanted them to have no life whatsoever, and so have gone forward with a dark circle, but I may go make and give them actual eyes in the future.


  1. They look great! That's the look I've been trying to achieve, but failing to do so! Can I ask how you did them?

  2. The skin is just a conventional grey build up, Adeptus battlegrey -> Codex grey ->Fortress grey. I probebly then gave them a devlan mud wash and maybe a green one too.

  3. Thanks! I really appreciate the help!



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