Tuesday, 18 May 2010

WIP: A Zombie shambles

I cannot put it off any longer. I need to knock together about 50 (ish) zombies for two lists. I have been putting them off for a while because I am not a fan of the figures that GW have and was hoping for some kind of inspiration.

Its fair to say that that spark of Genius never came, so its out with the plastic glue and a short time later 10 zombies are on the shelf ready for painting.

I have used combined bases as much as possible because it will make placement and casualty removal easier. The four chaps above are on a base from the Bretonnian peasant archers set. Whilst the chaps below are just on a pair of bases glued to the same magnetic strip. 

I have used a combination of zombie and empire militia sprues to make the figures, but this is where some of my problems have arisen. I was very much aware of the oversize hand issue with the zombie parts. What I was not aware of was just how much bigger the empire figures are than the zombies. If you try to put a empire torso on a zombie pair of legs, do it with caution, it might look a little daft. Hence the fact that I took the legs back off one guy to make him look a little better.

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