Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Kingdom of Death: Trial figures

I have watched the developments over at Kingdom of Death with some interest. They are a small American company run by Adam Poots, who have been developing a nice, if occasionally bizarre collection of figures for some time. I have held off ordering anything from them for two main reasons.
They encourage use of UPS recorded delivery, which to the UK is a very, very expensive postage cost.
They used to operate short runs on figures, so I was always too late to order.

They have now launched themselves into a gorgeous kickstarter campaign which has got me very tempted. But first things first, before throwing myself head-first into the project, I wanted to look at what the figures looked like. I therefore ordered two. I elected to order a twilight knight and a Pin-up Twilight knight.

After a short wait the figures have arrived, so I have had the opportunity to put them together.

The figures are excellently sculpted and moulded. The plastic is relatively defect and flash free. The initial thoughts are at 35mm, they are quite a bit taller than my traditional 28mm figures. I have not based yet so I don't know if I would consider using within a army. The other initial thought is that the limbs, whilst realistically proportioned are very thin when compared with other figure manufacturers. For those older gamers out there, they remind me very much of the confrontation figures. This made pining and gluing joints quite challenging. This makes me think these are more suited to display figures than gaming pieces.

Having said all that, they are really very beautiful pieces and handling them was enough to encourage me to splash the cash on the kickstarter campaign... I will throw some paint at the figures and see if I can do them justice!

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