Tuesday, 4 December 2012

More Chaos Trolls

A little over a week ago I posted up my first two painted trolls. Two was never going to be enough for the fun I have planned! So it is time to add a couple more to the collection.

 Although these are Chaos Trolls I have gone for quite a restrained colour scheme. Fear not I have plans for a much more colourful unit to follow. However, for now I am keeping to this brown look. 
 I have never really felt comfortable before with the technique required to paint different coloured patches of skin, so I was a little uncomfortable painting the lighter belly, inside of arms and legs. However I need not have worried, it was far far easier than I had imagined to get a fair colour blend. It was literally as easy as painting one colour over another.

As always, click on the image to make it bigger....

1 comment:

  1. They look great. I really like the muted tone, and it is nice to see these models done in anything other than the GW blue colour.



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