Thursday, 6 December 2012

Big and beautiful: Dominar Rasheth

Big? - Certainly

Beautiful? Well it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder....

Every hordes warband needs a warlock, and mine is no exception; however I was not keen on going for the conventional choices. I wanted something a little different. So once I saw the model of Dominar Rasheth I fell in love. What is lot to love about a chap, too fat to walk; carried into battle on a crib supported by three six-legged baby elephants!

Our fat little lord is resting on his back; but only because he really is too fat to move himself. Does he care? Not one jot, why he has napkins, wine and even a small plate of delicacies to eat. I believe he is pecking at a tray of eyeballs.

I have kept with the same green and gold colour scheme that I have used throughout the wargroup, but have tried to make his skin look pink and sweaty. Don't know if it worked, but that was the idea.
Despite the lovely look of the slothful one, my favourite part of this model is the agonizers.
They look so sad, yet resigned to their fate of forever carrying the decadent one until they collapse and die.

 I hope you I enjoy looking at this chap as much as I enjoyed painting him.

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