Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Flag painting

To mark the new year, I have opted to enter a tournament and take the chance to tidy up my Empire army. So I have ordered some new figures... yummy...

Whilst waiting for the postman to knock I thought I would paint up a flag and talk you through the way I go about these things.

Way back when I started painting the Empire, I selected two colours that I thought would go together, looking at my colour wheel I choose blue and cream. Now, years later, I have done some research and it appears I am painting up a Nordland coloured army (who would have guessed). Complete with this new found knowledge, I looked up the appropriate flag on the Warhammer empire site. This sets the general tone of the principal army flag. In the case of Nordland this is red and blue with pictures of ships and griffins. Not liking the red and blue combination, I decided to keep to a blue and cream colour. I then had to decide what flags to use for the units. I decided to use either ships or Griffins.

20 minutes on the web, and I had found an image I wanted to try and copy. In this case I cut & paste from a website about cheshire heraldry (?). I then printed out the image and drafted on some guidelines to help me visualise the proportions...

I then took a flag which I had painted a background onto...

and marked out roughly the vague shape of the image I wanted.

I coloured in the shapes.

and then added a little shading.

A bit more work and I got to the rough look I was after.

...and don'y forget the other side...

I quite like this figure because the chap is working hard to hold a flag that is clearly too big for him.

Hope you like the pictures....

1 comment:

  1. That is magnificent. My own Nordlanders are quite jealous. I resorted to printing my flags onto paper to compensate for my inability to come up with anything like as good.



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