Sunday, 9 January 2011

Gatorman; Gatorman, does whatever a gatorman does

First complete unit finished for some time and it's a Gatorman unit for my Skorne Army.

Unit leader:

This guy is pretty much as he comes out of the pack. I have added some curve to the tail and used a little greenstuff to disguise the joins, but he is what he is...

Gator B

With this lad, I have converted the two hand (paw) hold on the spear into a single hand hold and given him a bone to hang onto. The bone comes straight from the GW ghouls sprue. The tail has also had a bit of a bend to give him a more natural look.

Gator C

This is the conventional / standard Gatorman pose. You only get two poses with Gatormen (not counting the leader). Once again all I have done is give him a slight tweak on the tail.

Gator D

This is my favourite of the pack. It is the only model I received with this pose and I think it is by far the best pose they have gone for. Once again very little to change, just a little bend on his tail.

Gator E

Final chap to join the pack and this is back to the standard model (as Gator C). I have made his spear one handed and have bent the other arm (leg?) up. The tail is twisted right back on itself this time.

I found the position of the mould joint on the arm quite difficult. I tried and failed to avid a lump or swelling on the arm muscle when I green stuff over the join.

Hope you enjoy them...

1 comment:

  1. Those are very nice.

    Shame about only two poses, I never realized that from seeing them on their site. You did a nice job of varying them though, which helps.

    Also, just don't tell people about the join on the arm. I am confident I would not have noticed if you had not mentioned it, the painting and seam covering is just that good.



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