Monday, 17 January 2011

Skorne: Titan Gladiator with green armour

First Titan gladiator is now finished.

Nothing too unconventional going on with the paint scheme, except for the fact that I have decided to go for a Skorne army clad in Green. Truth to be told, I don't tend to enjoy painting red and I don't think I have ever really got to the point where I feel in control of the red colour I can produce. I painted a fair amount of green in my Vampire counts army, so thought I would continue with the theme. I always thought that green and cream/gold were complimentary colours anyway.
As discussed in the WIP post I have changed the emblem that sits on the standard. I am quite happy with the way it came out. To my way of thinking it fits quite happily with the style of the Titan. I also think I have got away with the green stuff rope over his belly. My opinion anyway...

The flag is a straight reproduction of the one at the back of the Skorne army book (except in green of course) and was very straight forward to paint. I was going to go for a more Celtic flag, but ran out of energy when I got to that point.

I considered going for a pink elephant look, but lost courage, so ended up with a muddy grey brown. Lots of washes went into making up the colour, but I think that that is mainly because I never had a clear view on what colour I was aiming at.

Hope you enjoy him / her. Strange, I think of her as a lady, don't know why.

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  1. I think these are the 1st "Green Skorne" I have seen, and they look great!

    Awesome work!



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