Monday, 31 January 2011

Celtic (ish) flag design

After reading through David James excellent book "draw your own Celtic designs", I thought I would have a go at adding a Celtic deign to the Hordes Titan Gladiator, I am currently painting.

First step was to measure and sketch out the flag from the miniature..

Once you allow for the fabric that goes around the flag pole, I have a flag area of 12.5mm by 44mm. Now to sketch out an ambitious flag design. I choose to go for a Celtic fish because of the fish on the models flag pole and the top symbol is a Skorne emblem...

The problem came when I tried to paint this onto the flag. It turned out I just could not manage to paint a 2mm wide border  pattern without it looking like a big fat splodge. So I painted over with a base colour and tried again with a 4mm wide pattern.

This appears to work quite well. After going through this I believe I can paint the next one at 3mm wide, but after all that effort I could not bring myself to paint over and start this design again. The problem now is that this does not leave much of a gap for the patterns in the middle. In the end I opted for a simple Skorne shape.

This has taken a day a side to complete and at that one side is not yet fully highlighted. Hope it is worth all the effort...

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  1. Like it? I love it!! I admire your patience and determination to finish this



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