Friday, 2 July 2010

Warhammer Fantasy; first play and the world cup....

England’s participation in the football world cup has now come to an end, so after a few weeks of 24/7 television watching and a suitable period of mourning I have re-entered the world of wargaming.

My local Games Workshop store had organised an evening of gaming with my wargaming club this week. We all brought along a 1000 point army and the store brought along the new rules and guided us all through an evening of version 8 mayhem.
It was a good evening with 8 of us playing.
I took along a strange little 1000 point list built around 1 Lord, 2 vampires, 20 ghouls and 20 units of skeletons. All legal under the new system.
My first thoughts are as follows.
1.         Magic is interesting. It is now possible to cast some of the very strong spells with relative ease. However, about a third of the time (11 out of 36) the opponent has only one less dice, so you only end up with a 50/50 chance.
2.         I opted to have forbidden lore on a level 1 Vampire. This meant he had every spell in a lore available to him and the option of using up to 6 dice to cast a spell. Potentially very powerful.
3.         Most of our guys had played a fair amount of Flames of war, so we were very used to pre-measuring, so we were quite used to this. I like this as a rule change.
4.         Large blocks of infantry become powerful. I managed to grow my ghouls up to 40 strong and they easily withstood a charge from dragon princes and destroyed them in the next round.
5.         Missile troops look quite useful now. Woods no longer block line of sight and I defy anyone to withstand a blast from 20 dark elf corsairs. Wow.
6.         The changes to artillery appeared to have very little effect. My group of players had got very good at guessing range anyway.
 All in all a good nights gaming and I look forward to a vast pile of FAQs and re-writing all my army lists.
 Great fun….

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