Wednesday, 7 July 2010

New wood bases in readyness for the new rule set.

Our wargames club terrain is looking a little untidy so we have been having a go at replacing with new. This weeks project centred around putting together a few bases for woods.

The new rule system allows interesting things to happen dependent upon who enters them and what happens with random generation. To cater for this I have banged together a number of easy wood bases, with the plan that we can have a selection of different tree / shrub figures to place upon them dependent upon the type of wood that is generated.

The bases shown above are a weeks effort in base manufacture. I have built these by buying self adhesive floor tiles. the non-embossed ones are cheapest and are also exactly what I was after.

I then cut these to interesting shapes. I wanted to move away from the typical round, oval orrectangular woods. I have gone for woods which are either long and slim or which have gaps that hero / monster bases can hide within etc. I also have a few which follow around corners.

The thought was that if we had more interesting shapes it might make the tactical play a little more interesting.

On top of this I have placed a layer of PVA to help adhesion, a layer of builders caulk, a layer of PVA, sand and aggregate and then I have topped off with another layer of PVA to seal the whole lot in.

Normal painting and flocking follow.

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