Sunday, 25 July 2010

Charnel pit / rough terrain WIP

I have seen this idea used before for a terrain feature and thought it looked pretty good. When the new WFB rulebook / doorstop came out I noticed the Charnel pit as a terrain feature and decided that it might prove pretty useful to have such a feature, so I set out on a Sunday afternoon to see just how cheaply I could assemble a charnel pit.

The Charnel pit is a area where bodies have not received a proper burial and so their spirits linger on. I thought what is going to be more potent than the lingering spirits of dragons / cold ones.

After a short period of time I had the basic components;

Small toy pack containing 3 dinosaur skeletons £1.00 GBP
1 pack of four self adhesive plastic floor tiles £1.00 GBP
From the hobby cupboard;
Glue, modeling sand & grass, paint & stones

Step one was to get out my saw and cut the bodies length wise to double the number of bodies I have. I then got out the snipers and cut up the bodies to try and generate a look of a collapsed skeleton. The bones were then arranged on the self adhesive tiles, which were cut to interesting shapes;

The bases were then covered in PVA glue and stones and sand were added in the conventional way.

The last step is then just to paint and flock...

Very simple and very quick, but I like the look of the pieces. Hope you do too. Six terrain features for £2.00 GBP and enough tiles left over for loads more fun yet.

I am now off on holiday / vacation for two weeks. So no posts until I come back. I am off to North Africa so I may be brimming over with ideas for tomb kings, or maybe not. Until then, have fun...


  1. Great looking scenery, I'm really impressed with how well those dinosaur skeletons worked out for you. Thanks for showing them off, I'll definitely keep this idea in mind should I come across some similar toy dinos. I hope you have a great time in N. Africa!

  2. I'm so happy that I've found this! I saw a kid buying some of those at Poundland and I knew that I just had to get some! The girl at the till was like "aww, is this for your younger brother" and I was like "hurr, I'm not telling!" Damn. Thank you so so so much for making this tutorial! Saving to my favourites...

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  4. I just use them as molds and use plaster of paris...what you do is you take some playsand and make sure it is moist not wet, put sand into say a deep dixie paper plate press the sand down but not too firmly then press your dino skeleton into the sand and it holds the shape next you mix and pour plaster of paris into the imprinted sand and it then becomes the skeleton that you get to dig up, so after 3-4 hours drying take the plate out to the sand box "quarry" carefully flip them upsidedown and then make them with lil flags and let the children come and dig them up with a paintbrush and a lil scraper...tons of fun and you don't have to cut your dino's up you just reuse them for every party..



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