Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Skorne paingiver beast handlers

It is time to catch up on my small Skorne Hordes force.To date I have painted Agonizers, Gatormen, a Bronzeback and two Titan gladiators. What I need now is to paint up a unit to collale all this. Whatbetterthan a mini assortment of beast handlers....

For these guys I have maintained my green and cream colour scheme. I do like to stick with coloursif possible....

With so little of the face showing, I found it quite a challenge to give the models a point of focus. However, once complete I think that that these are some of the nicest models that PP produce for the Skorne range. They have enough to give interest, whilst maintaining  a clean look....
Hope you enjoy..

Now from the back....


  1. I just found your blog, and so have a question completely unrelated to this post: how do you paint your skeletons, and using which paints?

    They are amongst the best I've ever seen.

  2. Hi; Apologies about the slow reply, I was on holiday. I start with Bestial Brown (mounfang brown). Then layer up with..
    1:1 Bestial Brown to Snakebite leather (Balor Brown)
    Snakebite leather
    3:1 Snakebite leather to Bleached bone (Ushabti bone)
    1:1 Snakebite leather to Bleached bone
    1:3 Snakebite leather to Bleached bone
    1:1 Bleached bone to white.
    I then like to wash with Devlan mud and re-do the last two layers.
    Hope this helps.



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