Friday, 4 May 2012

Legionary 2012

A quick call out for my local annual wargamming show, Legionary 2012. If you are down in Devon for the Bank Holiday weekend, why not pop in.

Legionary Show 2012

Exeter Legionary 2012 – or MMXII if you prefer – is this Saturday, May the 5th.
We have twenty wargames traders  – new faces and old – selling historical, fantasy and sci fi figures, rules, terrain and accessories; twenty demonstration or participation games ranging from 422BC to manga-inspried sci fi; tournaments for Warhammer and something out of the ordinary to test your skills in Warhammer 40K; a Pathfinder Society scenario for the roleplayers; and the usual huge and busy bring and buy.  So if you want to buy, sell, play or just look at wargames on May 5th 2012 there’s no better place in England.  Entry to the show itself is £3, doors open to the public at 10:00.

I will be there with my Empire Army, so pop over and say hello if you are around.

Traders include...
Angel Barracks –
Baker Company –
Black Scorpion –
Colonel Bills –
Dreamholme Scenics –
Forlorn Hope Games –
Grubby Tanks –
Heroes of the Dark Age –
Iron Haven Games –
KR Multicase -
Lesley’s Bits Box –
MJ Figures –
Mongoose Publishing  –
Scarab Miniatures –
The Square –
Triple Helix Wargames –
Wargames Emporium –
Wargames Widows -
Warm Acre Games –
Warmill –

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  1. A battle report from the opponent who beat me in the first found is available here.



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