Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Wizard House

My local wargames club are always on the lookout for new scenery, but we have a very small number of club members who are willing to build or paint the pieces. Our scenery also tends to take quite a bashing from the club members. So when looking for new terrain recently I was looking for a ready made piece that would be nice and robust.

With this in mind I elected to buy the "wizards House" made by Ziterdes.

The model comes as a single piece, therefore no assembly is required. It is also made of hard foam and so will be very resistant to the level of abuse my club members can hand out. The only things that put me off when buying was the price and the uninspiring paint job that is given to the model.

The Manufacturer have chosen to undercoat (poorly) the model in grey and the roof in a dark red. This takes the eye away from what is a pretty nice model.

After giving it a good undercoat it is a whole different model.

What I love most of all with this model are the great details.
The model includes quite a good broom, a great bird box and quite a fun lunch table.

All in all, very strongly recommended.

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm Thommy from Thomarillion (I made the master of that building) and I want to congratulate to the good work you did! I would like to show some pictures on my website (mentioning your name of course) and would appreciate if you would make contact with me (www.thomarillion.de).



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