Thursday, 18 August 2011

Return; complete with a Rat Ogre

It has been just over a month since I last blogged. For this I am sorry. I blame a combination of intense overwork, nice weather, two new kittens and some limited success for England at the Cricket.
For those that don't know cricket, it is a quintessentially English game, whose rules are best summarised as;

1. There are two teams. One out, one in.
2. The team that's out try to get the player that's in, out.
3. When they do get him out, he goes in.
4. Then the next player goes out. As long as he's out, he's in.
5. The object is then for the team that's out to get the second player out. When they get him out, he goes in.
6. This process is repeated for each innings until the team that's out gets the team that's in all out.
7. When the whole team is out, the team that was in goes out, and the team that was out goes in.
8. Then they play a second innings until they're all out. Except one player. He remains not out.

 But it rained today, Cricket was stopped and I had little else to do but update the blog....

Some time ago I prepared a small number of rat ogres and last month I actually blogged the first of the finished chaps. Now it is time to show and tell with the second..

 The conversion work on this young lad was pretty minimal. I repositioned the head so that it pointed forward (I was worried that if they all looked at their shoulders it might suggest either a poor masseuse or excessive in breeding). I also removed the symbol that was carved into the flesh of the animals back and got rid of quite a bit of the stitching that joined the various body parts together.

The painting heavily emphasised the skin colour. The hair texture was painted on as i thought I would be able to achieve a look of finer (or even thinner) hair this way.

Hope you enjoyed, more to come soon (unless it stops raining of course).

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