Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Skaven: Clanrats with swords and boards

Two weekends ago I started a three week challenge to assemble and paint, from scratch, a 1500 point Skaven army ready for Legionary on 7th May. The project started very slowly with a number of distractions and a tendency to paint figures just in case I decided to include them in my list.

By last Friday some progress had been made, but not enough to help me feel happy that I had a good start on the army. With one week to go, I still needed to paint up two cannons, one doomwheel, 40 odd clanrats, 10 gutter runners and all my characters. I therefore launched myself fully into the project over the last weekend. In England we had a four day weekend because of the Royal wedding and a public holiday, so that would help.

I have excellent news and bad news. With three nights still to go I only have 9 Clanrats to go! However, I have had almost no time to stop and photograph my progress, and no time at all to blog it!

So I will need to spend some time after the tournament to photograph the work I have done....

In the meantime I have a few photographs of 18 Clanrats that I finished that are armed with swords and shields...

I hope you enjoy.

 Once again I have kept with a consistent brown / beige colour for the rags that the rats wear. I have tried to keep to a very narrow number of colours to try and create a united horde feel to the rat force when it is assembled.

 To keep this up I have no colour at all on the shields. I guess you either like the look or not.

As explained in previous posts the rats are supposed to be of the clan Septik, so the metal is intended to be very rusty. I have achieved this by washing the basecoat with both brown and orange washes, then a healthy wash of Devlan mud to tone the orange down a bit...

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  1. I looked for a while for a pattern to paint my skaven clan and this one is the coolest in the whole internet :) Can you tell which paint did you use?



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