Monday, 1 April 2013

Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova

Its a bank holiday Monday here in the UK. Traditionally this is marked by heavy rain, and rubbish films on the telly. Well the rain has kept off, but the poor telly is here. I avoided doing any work around the house by feigning interest in a 1965 Dr Who film. I had forgotten just how bad British film making of that era was! That was enough for me to reach for the off button on the telly and to pick up the old paintbrushes...

I have "friended" Raging heroes on facebook. This appears just enough encouragement for them to send a daily reminder that they are about to start a kickstarter campaign. The intensity of their posts has reached the point whereby I am guilted into finishing the second of three figures I brought in December.

I have kept to a very traditional colour scheme for this girl. The Raging heroes figure matches the many cosplay photos that are out there on the Internet: so I was not short on inspiration for the model. 

Hope you enjoy my efforts. Remember that if you click on a photo a larger version will appear. Enjoy!

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